2017 Spring/Summer Essentials

With Spring in full effect, and Summer standing on our front porch, it's time to fully prepare for this year's warmest solstice. If you happen to live in the Northeast (especially New York) you know the weather has been a little schizophrenic lately. I mean seriously, one day it's 90 degrees, the next it's dropped down to… Continue reading 2017 Spring/Summer Essentials

Lets Talk About It

An Open Letter to My Princess

Dear Zahra, When I first discovered there was life inside of me it was July 14th, approximately 8 o'clock in the evening. So much was running through my mind, I was in disbelief. I made my first call to my best friend and what a conversation that was.  Still in disbelief, I made an appointment because I … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Princess

Lets Talk About It

Being Blessed in Dark Places

  My spirituality has stood the test of time in many areas of my life, some battles I won some have been losses. Lately my faith has been tested significantly in which I found myself battling hardships. I've recently watched a sermon by pastor Joel Osteen, where he preached on being 'blessed in dark places.' Needless to… Continue reading Being Blessed in Dark Places


Feathered Fun

These Tumblr inspired heels I created  were so much fun to wear, I embraced every strut I took in them. They were so simple to make:  The heels were on sale at Target.  The feathers are from Party City To put it all together I took my trusty glue gun (which everyone in life should… Continue reading Feathered Fun

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It’s Lit …. Literally 

   What is Fall/Winter without candles? The aroma, the vibes, the calming therapy it gives; make this season all the more merrier. I must admit there is no better feeling than cuddling under your favorite blanket and burning a sweet smelling candle.  Plenty of companies market and sell candles but in my humble opinion, none… Continue reading It’s Lit …. Literally