The recent Michael Brown case is officially closed, leaving ‘No probable cause’ to indict Officer Darren Wilson. Isn’t it a shame that us as Black Americans are not astonished by this outcome, it’s almost scary that we have become accustomed to knowing the outcome before the verdict has been reached. How is it that a young black male can be shot and left in the street with no justice? regardless of the circumstance an innocent life was taken and NOTHING was done about it. It just doesn’t add up to me, and it probably never will. As Black Americans we will ALWAYS have to fight, we will ALWAYS have to work twice as hard to gain even an ounce of respect in this country. One side of me doesn’t want protesters to retaliate, while another part of me wants to follow the directions of Malcolm X’s ‘By any means necessary’ speech. Not that I’m promoting violence in any way, but how do us as a people raise awareness? How can we let those who are of the majority know that black lives matter. We need more activist in this generation, more Angela Davis’s and MLK’s. Never in my lifetime would I think to see riots of people breaking windows and burning police cars. The war of racism is not over, there is still a great deal of work to do. I encourage my fellow Black Americans to play a part in making this country safer and equal for us to survive in. Do not be discouraged. Black woman you are still Queens, black men you are still Kings. Educate yourself, educate others. Knowledge is power


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