MAC Oval 6


People let me tell you about my best friend *singing*

Obviously you can tell I am gagging over this brush. I’ve been using this tool for a little over a week now, and I can now share my honest opinion. This brush is pretty much LIFE. As a girl who swears by the beauty blender sponge, I find that this has quickly taken over. The application is so smooth and gentle, leaving your foundation looking as if it melted seamlessly into your skin.

This brush is described as a tool that is ideal for powder or liquid. It is MAC’S largest brush in the “Oval” franchise. Made of synthetic fibers, and allowing a more flawless coverage to blend in all the contours of the face. This tool has a specially designed grip and a brush tip that is slightly titled for ultimate precision. The retail price is $42, but I must say it is without a doubt worth the every penny.

My method of application starts with me first priming my skin (per usual), followed by applying my liquid foundation directly onto my face, from the bottle. Then I take the Oval 6 brush and gently rub it all over my face until all of the product is evenly blended. At this point my skin is looking absolutely smooth and flawless, I can continue on with my daily make up routine.

It may take some getting used to when using this brush, especially if your more accustomed to using a blending sponge or a regular foundation brush. Some users have claimed that the brush isn’t sturdy enough and it can be likely to snap in half; however, I must disagree. This brush is not meant to be vigorously used, and no one should even be aggressively applying their make up anyway (Lol).

The only negative I have is the fact that it could be a little bit bigger. I find myself taking more time applying my foundation because it is slightly smaller than I would like it to be. However there are other brands that make the same brushes in a variety of sizes.

If you’re a makeup lover, hoarder, or just interested in trying new things. You NEED this brush. I’m telling you, it is a life changer.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Clarina says:

    To be honest, this brush terrifies me! I’ve not tried it and your review has tempted me. It looks so strange but if it works that’s all that matters!

    1. thegoldxnkey says:

      Hey, trust me it isn’t nearly as intimidating as it looks. It does require some getting used to but it works really well

  2. blancobeauty says:

    Looks very interesting! I just restarted my blog and was hoping you’d take a look:

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