Being Blessed in Dark Places

My spirituality has stood the test of time in many areas of my life, some battles I won some have been losses. Lately my faith has been tested significantly in which I found myself battling hardships. I’ve recently watched a sermon by pastor Joel Osteen, where he preached on being ‘blessed in dark places.’ Needless to say the questions I had to myself are now slowly being answered.

Pastor Osteen brought forth a metaphor in which he compared life’s heinous situations to a mere seed. When a seed is planted it is in a dark place, underground, alone, and nonchalant to what is about to happen. But in due time that seed will grow, come to the light and blossom into something much greater. Something beautiful! This particular comparison spoke to my spirit in ways unimaginable. Many times I feel low and down on my luck; wondering how I’m going to rise up out of a bad situation. But I know now whenever my faith is being tested, it is a set up from God to bring me into something much greater.

At times life can hit you all at once and the adversary can try to attack from every area. From people trying to mentally and emotionally break me down, to real-life situations that effect my family. At times I have no physically person there to console me or to even talk to, I tend to try to handle things on my own. Bishop T.D. Jakes had an AWESOME message where he talked about letting people go. So many times I have attempted to try so hard to make people stay in my life because of my fear of losing them. But the inspiration I received from Bishop T.D. Jakes, has me searching for my gift in goodbye and to refrain from raising dead situations.

I have to know and put my best foot forward and look to the greater outcome. My faith is strong and is something I cherish deeply. So even when it is being tested I have to know in my spirit that God is placing me in a position to receive something much greater and blessing me in those dark place.



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