So, What does Black Love mean to You?

Brown Sugar is my favorite movie of all time .. In the movie Sidney Shaw (Sanna Lathan) has an opening question she inquires in all her interviews; “So when did you fall in love with hip hop.” For so long I searched for my own personal tag line and I believe I found the perfect one! Black Love is so important to me so much that I wrote about it on When I speak to and hear from my people, I am intrigued to know what it means to them. Be it good or bad. So I asked a few of my peers what this meant to them and here are their beautifully thought through responses. So what does Black Love mean to you?

“Black Love to me, is the coconut oil in the morning. It’s that Saturday, Etta James kind of feeling. It’s the ‘let’s clean the house while the kids aren’t home’ kind of love. It’s a love that is unconditional, and conditioned into being strong and firm in times of need. Black Love is having a Praying Grandmother that dishes out the church dirt. Black Love is running around carefree and having a good time because you know can’t nobody party like us. Black Love is being able to grove to Jazz and then turn up with your partner because you know there’s nothing like a couple with some soul. Black Love to me will always be the epitome of beautiful. It’s soulful, it’s raw and it’s always real.” LaTifah Wright
“When I’m involved with a black man everything seems heightened. My senses all over. One word I have immediately is intense.” Keana Lopez

“Black love is being faithful and trust worthy in a world that encourages you not to.” Teahna Lockhart

“Black love is feeling like you’re the only person in this world. Its feeling safe and knowing that no matter what happens that you can depend on one another. It’s about uplifting each other and helping each other to reach our goals.” Jasmin Reid

“From my experience black love is a love that is deeper than just a physical attachment or desire, it is a soul bond that cannot be imitated. There’s nothing like having two black people come together with unison, knowledge of self, respect and unconditional love. It’s a certain spice of life that can’t be detained in words when the love, trust and admiration is shared fairly. We connect on a different level, who can understand you more when you’re from the same lineage? Who knows the struggle of being black in America, but will still support you through it all? It’s not only beautiful but it is powerful to have someone who can connect with you in a supernatural way. To say black love is phenomenal is definitely an understatement.” Serenity Bracey

“When I hear the words, ‘black love,’ I hear a term that transcends-be it love of self, love of a significant other, the love shared between a mother and child or that between brothers. And that type of transcending love, once truly given or accepted, to me is one of which births great radiance in strength and power through unity. Black love to me is a real reflection and insight as to how great our greatness can ultimately be. Something so beautiful and serene in its uniqueness, and lends way too much prosperity.” Cassie Denis

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