Bite Beauty Lip Lab Experience

What better way for a makeup enthusiast to spend her afternoon than creating her own personalized lip shades.

After a viral video on Facebook was brought to my attention, I was determined to make a trip out to Manhattan to create my very own lipstick. My initial visit was on a whim, I walked in thinking that I would simply be able to go through with the process. However, they were backed up for weeks, so I had to make an appointment for the next available date. (Word of advice, do not walk in with the same mindset I had initially. Book an appointment.)

When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by the artist I would be working with. The store space is very compact, so it was very hard to maneuver especially with the crowd of people that were already there. My artist sat me down and gave me a lip scrub and moisturizer to prep to my lips. I knew I would be testing shades so I didn’t bother to wear any lipstick or makeup at all. She got to know me a little better as far as my preference in makeup and what shades I’m into. For the most part, I love all shades of lipstick but I didn’t want to duplicate anything I already have. (I have everything, to be honest lol.) So I chose to go with creating two colors. I wanted to create a nude, because its always difficult finding a nude with my complexion. I also wanted to create a rich chocolate brown shade, because I don’t feel like I have much that is perfect in that range without manipulating it.

The artist asked me what kind of finish I wanted to go with for both. For the nude I chose more of a semi-gloss and for the brown I went with matte. She pulled a bunch of colors and started mixing them on a glossy wax paper-like sheet. She had me test them out until I was completely satisfied with both shades. After that she had me test other colors just for fun. Then you get to pick out the fragrance you want your lipstick to be. I went with a citrus smelling flavor that’s is almost tempting to eat, as well as a vanilla-lavender sent which smells divine. The artist then worked her magic to mix the shades up in a lab-like sense which then results in an lipstick form ready for you to take home.

Overall, my experience was so much fun. I personally have a love for anything makeup and I appreciate all the creativity that goes into it. From working in Sephora previously, I have knowledge of BITE and their products. Their line is all handmade and cruelty free. If your ever in the city, you need to check this studio out. They’ve been around for almost 4 years and I never knew about it until I saw the post on Facebook. If you’re a makeup artist, makeup enthusiast, or just interested in the process visit them ASAP.

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  1. Oh wow it looks like so much fun! There are so many gorgeous shades ❤

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