Let The Earth Work For You.

It is such a privilege to be a functional being on this home we call Earth. To be able to exist and open our eyes each day is something we take for granted. This issue is — we as humans tend to neglect using the Earth for our benefit. Instead, we let the Earth use us. We add a bunch of artificial ingredients in and on our bodies that are slowly but surely killing us. Ever wondered why people in earlier years lived a luxurious life? It has a lot to do with the fact that the products contained little to no man made substances. Which led to a more prosperous life. There are tons of natural materials that are exclusively provided by the earth. Here are a few of my favorites and their satisfying benefits.


  • Derives from a tree native to North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Jam packed with vitamins, protein, minerals, and fiber.
  • Can be used as an oil, butter, or milk (healthier alternative to cow’s milk)
  • One handful of almonds is equivalent to one-eighth of our daily protein needs.
  • Beneficial for brain development, heart, immune system, and cholesterol.

 Aloe Vera

  • Native to North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Canary Islands.
  • Can be used to keep the skin clear and hydrated.
  • Clears acne and breakouts.
  • Can be used as a mouthwash. Relieving bleeding and swollen gums.
  • Natural laxative. An aid for digestion
  • Prevents sunburn/ a natural sunscreen
  • Can be used in hair treatments/ makeup primer
  • Used in drinks or straight from the plant itself.

Black Soap

  • Made from the ash of plants such as plantain, cocoa pod, shea tree bark and palm tree leaves.
  • Make sure it is RAW African black soap
  • Native product of West Africa and Ghana
  • Purest form of soap with no additives or artificial ingredients
  • Black soap should NEVER actually look black. It should have a shade of dark brown.
  • Treats rosacea, rashes, and dryness, acne breakouts, dark spots, acne scars, eczema
  • Can be used as a shampoo, or makeup remover.
  • Gently cleanses impurities to remove toxins from the skin.


  • Dates back over 6,000 years to ancient civilizations such as Romans, Egyptians, Japanese and Greeks.
  • Promotes healing, cleansing, and fulfillment
  • Made from two of the Earth’s most prominent elements – silicon and oxygen.
  • Believed to vibrate at the same pitch as humans.
  • Each crystal serves a different purpose (love, wealth, energy, etc)

Vitamin E

  • Found in several foods such as sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, avocado and mangos
  • Balances cholesterol
  • Prevents disease development by fighting free radicals
  • Great for dry skin/ repairs damaged skin
  • Decreases acne and eczema
  • Naturally balances hormones
  • Can be used topically or by internally

Tea Tree Oil

  • Derived from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Used for homemade cleaning products
  • Killing mold
  • Treating infections
  • Mix in natural face masks, shampoos, massage oils
  • Natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions make it an essential oil
  • Heals: acne, bacterial infections, chickenpox, cold sores, earaches, bad breath, insect bites.
  • Mix in your favorite conditioner to soothe dry scalp
  • Not used for internal use.

Shea Butter

  • Derives from the seed of the fruit of the Shea tree.
  • Naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, & F
  • Natural Sunscreen
  • Contains a rich amount of essential fatty acids that are crucial for rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin
  • Allows the skin to look and feel smoother and healthier
  • Protects the skin from the wind and sun
  • Heals wounds
  • Fights the effects of aging, rough and damaged skin
  • Muscle relaxer
  • Relieves minor burns
  • Diaper rash treatment
  • Treat dark spots, skin discoloration stretch marks, wrinkles, and blemishes

Green Tea

  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Improves brains function
  • Weight loss
  • Slims the risk of cancer
  • Reduces the formation of free radicals (protecting cells)
  • Active caffeine ingredient for stimulation
  • Anti inflammatory


  • Produced by bees from floral nectar
  • Used in cooking and baking
  • Natural sweetener
  • Contains antioxidants to reduce the risk of cancer
  • Reduces throat irritation
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Improves eyesight, weight loss,
  • Cures premature ejaculation, urinary tract disorders, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, and nausea.
  • Heals burns and wounds
  • Strengthens hair
  • Mix in for a natural moisturizer with natural face mask, lip scrubs.


  • A perennial plant growing one to two feet high.
  • Typically used fresh, grounded, or rubbed.
  • Natural antiseptic
  • Can be used in cooking for its rich flavor in bacteria-killing abilities.
  • Used medicinally for rheumatism, muscle aches, and aromatherapy
  • Treats Alzheimer’s/ Enhances memory
  • Eases depression
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Medicinal for menopausal symptoms
  • Can be burned for spiritual healing purposes such as clearing spaces, negative energy.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Natural health remedy
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Can be used with hair conditioner for complete cleansing, shine, and strength.
  • Teeth whitener
  • Weight loss and metabolism
  • Helps pH balance
  • Natural household cleanser
  • Cures colds and sore throat
  • Lowers blood pressure


  • Can be used in water to promote hydration
  • Great source of vitamin C
  • Rich in calcium
  • Protect cells from damaging free radicals
  • Improves skin quality
  • Supports weight loss
  • Prevents constipation and aids in digestive
  • Freshens breath


  • Aids in digestion
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Relieves nausea
  • Treats asthma
  • Aids the respiratory system
  • Improves oral health
  • Clears congestion of throat, nose, and lungs
  • Improves memory loss and alertness


  • A powerful spice from dried and ground rhizome of a perennial plant
  • Fights inflammation
  • An antioxidant
  • Protects the heart
  • Heals wounds
  • Clears acne scars and inflammation
  • Used best in face mask/scrubs

Before trying any of these products, keep in mind that everything is not for everyone. No two bodies are alike. Be sure to search for what works best for your temple. Make sure you do your “googles” and search natural products that best suit you. Everything is trial and error. However, 9 times out of 10 natural products will help you better than anything that is artificial. Make sure you READ the back of EVERY label to ensure what you are using is 100% natural. If you are unsure what something is, RESEARCH IT! Explore, look up new recipes, and most importantly have fun. Cheers to a long, prosperous, and authentic lifestyle!


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