Dipset Art Gallery #MoreThanMusic

“It was a stormy night (literally), you know the kind when the lightning strikes. And I was hanging out with some of my artsy friends.”

– Badu


The Diplomats aka Dipset #MoreThanMusic Art Exhibit curated by @KingDotTheRuler  and @HublotDreams was literally one for the books. If you were an adolescent in the early 2000s than you know how much of a HUGE deal this is. Dipset was and still is culture. They created a template and wavy aesthetic that artist of this era wish they can touch. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t apart of the crew. I remember in middle school, I would write their names on my backpack. Every one from Juelz to JR Writer. Camron was my man in my head. Lol.

Upon walking in the Lisa Cooley gallery you can hear Harlem ringing from outside of the doors. The DJ (DJ Cranberry, DJ L Squared and Amanda Lynn) spun Dipset records throughout the night making it feel like 2003 all over again.


Each artist featured vividly captured the supergroup in a light that is true to their artistry. The atmosphere was truly amazing. Guest were able to enjoy three themed drinks, refreshments, and delicious cupcakes with the infamous bird logo on top. The #MoreThanMusic was conducted exceptionally. I’m definitely on the lookout for more.

You’ve gotta check this thread out:




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