A 2017 Reflection for Creatives: Shedding, Preparing and Planning for 2018

As our beloved 2017 dwindles down into minutes I am reflecting on all of the events that occurred throughout this year. I see a mixture of thoughts spiraling on social media about 2017 and how it was either good or a hot ass mess for them. Well I have an opinion of little miss 2017.

For me, 2017 was not bad at all. As I look back to the top of the year I can remember finding myself. 2016 was a tumultuous year for me. So I made it a point to truly find who Kiara was in 2017. In finding myself, I found God. I mean I always knew who he was from my adolescence, but this year I found out who he really was and what he’s really doing in my life as an adult. I spent a large chunk of 2016 in tears and in search of my next move. I mean I really went through the motions. I was lost, I suffered from depression, I was literally broken. So this year I soul searched like A LOT. I explored my spirituality and found peace within myself. Most importantly, I protected my peace. I studied the art of putting my foot down and not letting anyone try to compromise who I am and what I felt.

In March of this year, I met my life saver, Zahra Raine. After 23 hours of labor, I became a mom. I gave birth to the reason for it all. Looking at her face I saw a better version of me. I quickly adapted to the fact that I have to grow up and become a woman for this little girl. Not only do I have to protect my peace but I have to protect her’s as well. She made me realize that life is bigger than just me. She literally is life itself. I often say to her “I gave you life, but you got mine together.” So having these months go by with her has been the best thing in my life to date. No, it has not been easy, but I do my best to provide for her wants and needs because I never want her to have a childhood where she has to recover from.

In 2017 I stayed pretty local, I met some special people that I believe will be around for some time. One in particular (If you’re reading this, you know who you are *inserts wink emoji .. lol*). I hung out with my friends, I went to a lot at social gatherings, parties, events, etc. I really enjoyed my Summer. In the midst of it all I lost a few friends and I’m completely okay with that. I excelled in my career with a new promotion, I contributed to a few new magazines (stay tuned for 2018). I had a fabulous year overall, definitely a step up from the last.

In 2018 I plan to take the new year by storm I absolutely love this post here:

D4D7A5DB-F0D7-4C43-8984-9524BE1072C3Child if this isn’t the truth. I have so many ideas and goals for 2018 and without a doubt, they will get done. Without giving away too much, I plan to stay consistent with my blog, expand my brand, learn new creative things, read more books, travel and turn my passion into profit. I plan to finish school, move out and just continue to be the best mother I can possibly be for my daughter. After all, everything I do is for her. There are more goals that are definitely set in stone but I wont say just yet!

What’s great about the start of 2018 is that it begins on a Monday. A fresh year and a fresh week is a lovely way to kick things off. As I reflect on the past year, I invite you to do so as well. Working on a vision board or writing things down is a great way to plan out your year. I encourage you to reflect on the things you plan to shed for the new year. Anything that is not helping you expand, make money, or just blocking your blessings need to be buried on Dec. 31. It’s okay to let go of things or even people who just can’t seem to get it right. Trust me I’ve been there. Trust me the air is cleaner once you let it go. Shed that dead weight, and step into your glory. So I am speaking into your life that you will have a healthy, prosperous, profitable 2018, nothing will stand in your way. Trust your process.

With that being said Happy New Year creatives, see you in 2018

*Jamacian air horn noise fades away*



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