Let’s Get Personal: L. Organic Cotton Tampons

Okay, my fellow Queens, this one is for us. Kings, you can stick around if you like. You might learn something new.

So ladies, let’s just get right down to it. Periods SUCK. There is nothing cute about bleeding from your vagina for 5-7 business days with PMS, stress, and bloating. The discomfort of never feeling thoroughly clean is gross and not to mention the pain from unbearable cramps. With all this mess, the last thing you want to worry about is the thought of having to purchase feminine products that are filled with toxins and ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Well, thank God there’s a solution for this. Well, not the PMS and pain … But you get the point.


Where there’s a will there’s a way and black woman seem to create it. Recently I discovered a product that is nothing short of perfect. L. tampons. I never knew I needed this product until I purchased it. Made for us and by us, L. was created by Talia Frenkel. Frenkel is a photojournalist who worked with the Red Cross and United Nations. After traveling the world and documenting humanitarian crisis, Frenkel was moved by the lack of access to reproductive rights and the effect of HIV/AIDS on young girls. Just hearing the story behind the product makes me want to buy it more. Young girls often miss out on school and other activates due to the lack of feminine products available to them. A simple thing that we take for granted is a burden in developing countries around the world. But leave it up to a woman of color to contribute and step in to make her mark in the world.

L. products are designed by a team of woman in San Francisco. Products include tampons, sanitary pads, and condoms. L. products are 100% organic, BPA – free, no chlorine. Free of harmful chemicals, rayon, pesticides, fragrances, and dyes. For every purchase made, L. provides sanitary pads to a girl in need! L. has worked with over 3,000 female entrepreneurs and has provided millions of products to date.

Each product retails for $6.99 at Target On the thisisl.com website options are available for you to customize a box with the products of your choice ranging from $4.95-$10.95 FREE SHIPPING included. Various absorbencies are available including overnight pads, regular, super and panty liners.

As a woman, you deserve the best. Using feminine products that are 100% organic is the epitome of living your best life. The thought that a young woman will be provided a vital resource is enough for me to invest. A menstrual cycle is nothing like running through a field of Daisy’s or those false advertisements we see often on TV. Most of just want to curl under a blanket, binge-watch Netflix and eat a regrettable amount of snacks. It doesn’t get more organic than that. So, if I’m going to live my best life, I will start with the best products.


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