Juine Bee Nails: An Experience 💅🏾

Door knockers, vintage Ebony magazines, and air brushed designs. Kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Let me tell you all about my experience at Teyana Taylor and Coca’s 90s themed nail bar. Let’s talk nails.💅🏾

When it comes to being thoroughly on point, it’s no secret that having your nails done is apart of the package deal. A bomb ass full set is something I must keep at all times in order for me to feel like myself. For me, getting my nails done is therapeutic. I love the process and the artistic capabilities that come with each nail tech. If you know me, you know sis does not play when it comes to her nails. If you see me and my nails are not done, it’s not me. Now I’ve been to several nail salons in my day to achieve beautiful claws but none like Junie Bee Nails.


I got word that Teyana Taylor was opening up a nail salon in Harlem late February via social media. Now I love me some TT, I’ve been following her since ‘Google Me’ days. Her style and individuality have always caught my eye. I’ve had the opportunity to witness her live, her stage presence and professionalism is one of a kind. Having known she would be opening a nail bar just made me all the more interested. I knew I had to get over there ASAP! Teyana posted that her nail salon would feature a 90s themed atmosphere. Being a 90s (1993 to be exact) baby just put the icing on the cake.

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Hmmmm…🤔💭 I’m thinking of a master plan…💡 A 90’s Themed Nail salon in Harlem! The vision has finally come to life and it’s ready! 🗣So come one, come all! Junie Bee Nails is granting a dope opportunity to the flyest nail techs, from around the way. No matter what shape, size, color, or gender it’s all good with us! I want to continue to create great opportunities for my community and our talented youth!! Let’s change the game, The vision is crazy! I’m talking everything from Dapper Dan style Uni’s, to Door Knockers, Bamboo earrings, baby hairs, Airbrushed nails, 54’11’s and all that other fly shit! The true essence of that 90’s Flavor. So if you wanna get on board DM your work, and resume to @juniebeenails 💅🏻💅🏼💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿 this is so exciting!! Also been a long time coming! S/o to my partner @cocamichelle we’ve put in so much work make this happen! Issa bout to be ah lituation THIS FEB!!! 😩😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #JunieBeeNails #OPI

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I had been lowkey stalking their Instagram account to look at all the dope designs they can do. I also looked at the website to view their prices (’cause you know sis was NOT trying to break the bank). Once I saw their reasonable pricing I scheduled some time off to go!

 I arrived at 2330 Adam Clayton Powell at approximately 9:30. Though my day was clear, I wanted to head in there early so I wouldn’t have a longer wait. Upon my arrival, I was immediately greeted. To me, this is a big deal because most nail salons don’t even bother to say “hello” (You know that ugly stare you get from all the girls in the salon when you walk in .. Nahh that didn’t happen). I was asked to give my name, number and offered a seat. There were about three girls already in the chair, and four girls waiting (including me). I was asked what service I wanted to get done, of course, I wanted a full set! Moments prior to me coming, I had popped my nails off because I knew I wanted everything FRESH. The girl who greeted me took a long glance at my nails and told me “You can’t get that done.” When I asked why she told me my nails were too weak to put acrylic on top of them and that by doing so, it could cause damage to my nail. Well, I never heard that before.

At this point I was feeling defeated, I did not come all this way to not get my nails done. WTF. So I asked the girl what is it that I can do. Her reply was that she can still hook me up. I sat there waiting nervously, like what can she possibly do? I don’t want some plain nail polish on my nails. I could have done that at my local nail salon. So I got up again and said well is it possible that I can still get a cute design? She said “of course. ” I sat anxiously for about 45 minutes watching each girl come out of the chair with long, beautiful claws. Finally, my name was called. The girl explained to me she wasn’t trying to be rude when she explained I couldn’t get a full set. She explained that most nail salons will still apply a full set onto weak nails without a care of you being exposed to an infection or loss of a nail. I had no choice but to respect it. When you get your nails done, the last thing you’re worried about is fungus. You just want a bomb ass set, no questions asked. Though I never heard that before, it put into perspective that this establishment is very professional. Impressive.

Coca (IG: @cocamichelle) was my nail tech for the day. She was the same “girl” that greeted me. She was super friendly, fly and funny. She held a great conversation throughout the duration of my service and even offered me kool-aid 😋  She ended up telling me that she is the co-owner of the shop and Teyana Taylor’s nail tech. WHAT! This made me even more gassed up. Coca gave me a back story to her nail journey and how the shop came to be. I felt comfortable in that space. After that, I trusted her creativity and allowed her to freehand any design she wanted on my nails. My only request was to make it look pretty. Sis DELIVERED! When she was done she took a video for the Junie Bee Nails instastory, I paid and walked out feeling great.


I’ve heard mixed reviews when it came to the shop but I had to check it out for myself. You should too. Keep in mind that this is a brand new establishment with only weeks under their belt. Everything may not run smoothly. As long as I was treated with respect, I was fine. Coca explained they will be offering reservations starting March 19th, if all goes well this will alleviate some of the tension from impatient clients.

My suggestions:

  • Have your nails prepped for whatever service you anticipate.
  • Arrive as early as possible (it’s a celebrity-owned nail bar, people are going to want their nails done, just as you do too)
  • Have a positive attitude, the staff is friendly from what I saw.
  • Charge your phone up and be open to waiting if walking in.

Overall, I give Junie Bee Nails a 10/10. The shop lived up to my expectations. The aesthetics brought me straight back to the 90s, The staff were fun and friendly and my nails came out so pretty. Not to mention supporting a black-owned business added warmth to my heart. I did not have to break bank for my nails. I spent a total of $80 for a gel mani with designs on each of my fingernails. If you think this is too much well this might not be the place for you, but I’ve paid more for less at other places. Junie Bee Nails will get my coins again, without a doubt! Congrats to Teyana Taylor and Coca for putting together a beautiful establishment right in the middle of Harlem!


Shop details

Instagram: @juniebeenails

Website: Juniebeenailz.com

Location: 2330 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard New York, NY 10030

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