Get To Know Kiara Sade


Kiara Sade is a cultural enthusiast with a love for all things divine.

As cliché as it may seem, writing has always been a passion. Many are gifted with alluring talents, and mine has always been the gift of communication. Since my adolescence, I have written for several publications. Although the art of journalism has developed, I intend to develop with it. 

In my 24th year of life, I look to challenge myself and to educate. I aspire to empower every reader with the knowledge I’ve obtained. Whether it is a beauty review, a fashion post, a serious topic, Hip Hop, or even a random blurb. My goal is to create a wealth of knowledge. Grow and have fun along with me on this excursion!


Connect with me via Social Network

Twitter: KiaraSade_

Instagram: KeySade_ / KiaraSadeBlog

Snap Chat: goldxnkey





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